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Natal Chart Analysis

Take a Deep Look at Yourself by Getting A Reading of the Map of the Solar System at the Time You Were Born

Going leaps and bounds beyond the common stereotypes of Astrology Sun Signs, Natal Chart readings (also called Birth Chart readings) explore the personality implications of every main planetoid, other significant points such as nodes, and even significant fixed stars, as well as all of their locations and relationships to each other in the solar system at the time you were born.

Your Sun Sign may be, say, Scorpio, but you also have a Moon Sign, a Rising Sign, a sign for each planet, and so much more. Your friend, who may also be a Scorpio, likely has a different Moon Sign, Rising Sign, and so on. Unless you were born at about the same time and around the same location as someone else, then your charts will be different, and hence, the makeup of your personality and essential personal vibrations will be different from an astrological viewpoint.

Astrology Ephemeris

Present, Future and Past Transits.

Learn About How Current, Future and Past Positions of the Planets Affect You.

The position of the planetoids, as well as other points in the solar system, continue to affect you through time. It can be very helpful to explore how the planets now affect you, and also what to expect from this relationship in the future.

For example let's say that the position of Jupiter right now in the sky, is affecting your Birth Chart (we call it Transiting your Natal Chart) by being in the 10th House of your Chart. This means that you're likely to have great success in your career life during this time. This transit usually only happens for about one year. So for next year, when Jupiter enters your 11th house, then you're likely to have success with groups of friends. In contrast, last year, when Jupiter was in your 9th house, you likely had success with traveling. It takes Juipiter about 12 years to orbit the Sun. Knowing when and how planets affect you can help you plan things like, when to travel or when to remodel your home.

Partnership Charts

Find Out How You Get Along and How You Clash With Another Person or Event.

Astrologers can do a chart comparison between you and another person or event (called Synergy Charts) to help you see what might be problems in the relationship or occasion, and what might be benefits. Sometimes when we meet a potential love interest, we can be blinded about personality clashes that cause us heartache later. Having an astrologer give you a heads up about aspects of the relationship can help you take a step back and prepare for the better.

Keep in mind, it is rare to have a relationship that doesn't have any problems whatsoever! We all make some compromises and adjustments in order to promote harmony in our relationships. Just because there might be, say, a Mars conflict that indicates the two of you are likely to fight alot, doesn't mean you should leave that person. You still have the choice of staying with them. However now that you know you might be prone to fighting, you can take precautionary measures such a discussing with your partner ways to develop peaceful communication methods in times of stress.

Astrology Reading Details

How to Prepare.

In order to get an Astrology reading, you will need to prepare some information ahead of time to give to the astrologer before the reading starts (either when you make the booking/appointment or at the beginning of the actual reading session). This information is used to create you Birth Chart (Natal Chart). If you plan on doing a Partnership reading then you'll also need to gather this information about the other person or event of your interest.

What you need to prepare:
  • City, State and Country of place of birth.
  • Day, Month and Year of birth.
  • Exact time of birth down to the minute.
Why do I need my exact time of birth?

Yes, it is possible to do an astrology chart reading if you cannot provide the exact time of your birth. However, quite a few essential aspects will be missing from the chart and you will only be able to learn so much from the reading. We will not be able to know what your Rising Sign is, and sometimes we won't be able to determine your Moon Sign.

Time of birth also indicates what Houses the planets were in when you were born. This is arguably one of the most helpful and key aspects of chart reading. It shows you such things like what kind of career might be best suited for you (Saturn in the 6th = health industry, versus Saturn in the 7th = psychologist). If you're interested in having children you look to your 5th house (Saturn in 5th people tend to never have children, or might have them late in life). Or you might ask, what area of my life do I wield the most power? (Pluto in the 8th = occult, versus Pluto in the 3rd = knowledge and teaching).

Take a moment to find your birth certificate to get your time of birth. If you don't have it, ask your mother! Or you can call the state in which you were born to get a replacement. It'll be well worth the effort if you want to get an astrology reading.

Special note: sometimes when you ask your parents what time you were born, they'll give you an estimate rather than an exact time, "oh, it was about 7:30 am." Well, sadly, this is too vague to be reliable. A difference of even just ten minutes can shift key placements in your chart and you won't be able to fully get the reading you need. If you really just can't find out the exact time (say you want a look at your grandmother's chart which is from 1912, when often they didn't record the time) then we'll do the best we can and work with what we have!

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Exploring Your Shadow Self

Exploring Your Shadow

The Skeletons in your Closet, the Journey of the 12th House.

There are twelve houses total in your birth chart, each representing a different area of your life... relationships, assets, career, friends, the home, etc.. The very last house, the 12th House, is often called "The House of Self-Undoing." This is because most often, we do not see the elements of ourselves that are in this house. It is essentially, the House of the Unconscious.

Planets in the 12th house basically operate without you being aware of it. Mercury conjuncting Mars in this house indicates you probably talk way too much all the time and you not only can't help it but you probably don't realize how much you do it. Having your Sun or Moon in this house means that you not only likely isolate yourself from others in an unhealthy way, but also you might be prone to going to prison or ending up in a mental institute.

If all of this sounds scary, well, it can be! But it's not fatalistic or absolutely determined. Readers will analyze the various elements of your chart in conjunction with each other. So if you have Sun in 12th but also Saturn in your 12th. Then instead of prison, you might be inclined to go on an amazing spiritual journey and end up as a profound guru that helps many people.

Once you become aware of something previously unconscious, you are now able to shift and adjust your patterns to help avoid self-sabatoge. The more you spend time on practicing self-awareness techniques, the more likely you are to uncover to youself the challenges that lay in your 12th house. It might be the case that you've done quite a lot of meditation and self-exploration and so you do actually now realize what before was unconscious. Getting an astrology chart reading is one of these techniques of self-awareness since the chart is basically YOU and all your fantastic facets. As mentioned before, you will need to know the exact time of your birth in order to get your 12th House information. It's time to explore your Shadow!

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