Readings by Mayah Starlily

Psychic Tarot Astrology Reader Mayah Starlily

Tarot, Astrology and Energy Healing Professional

23 Years of Experience.

Mayah Starlily is the resident reader for Blue Rose Metaphysics. As a psychic, she has been working with tarot, astrology and energy healing for 22 years. With countless clients, readings, sessions and teachings under her belt, she will be able to cater to your specific needs and desires. She is not only adept with tarot, but highly sophisticated with astrology, and is also an avid energy worker, talented with chakra analysis, and trained and certified as a Reiki Master.

Explore A Variety of Topics

Flexibility that Caters to your Needs.

Mayah not only has a rich history of giving readings, but she's also well studied and practiced in a wide variety of spiritual subjects as well as common day-to-day practicalities. She has a background in business, tech, law and philosophy, which enables her to better understand potential nuances of your issues whether it be something regarding a work situation or matters of an existential kind. She's also studied and practiced in quite a few spiritual traditions such as Shamanism, Reiki, Chakra work, Kundalini Yoga, Vipassana, Wiccanism, Kabbalism, Hermeticism and lucid dreamworking.

Mayah's Tarot Spread

Tools of Divination

Grounded and No-Fluff. 

Mayah has worked with many different methods of divination such as channelling, remote viewing, tea leaf reading and more. She finds tarot and astrology to be two of the most grounded, no-fluff tools available. You can expect a direct, down-to-earth, practical reading that is focused and productive.

Mayah's Emphemeris

Advanced Indepth Astrology

Simple or Complex.

Whether you're brand spankin' new to indepth astrology, or the advanced nerdy type that wants to discuss Vesta or Aldeberon, Mayah will hone in and jump right into that space that works with you. She'll pull your chart and go directly to the most pertinent blaring personality accents as well as current planetary transits. She's also adept at relationship charts, giving you insight on how you work with your lover, friend, business partner, or even how you mesh with significant events. She can even look at your friend's chart and tell you things like what kind of gifts they would like for their birthday!

You'll need to not only know your birth time, date and location, but if you want a relationship reading, you'll also need to know this same information for that person or event.

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Discover how the planets and stars were aligned when you were born. Take an indepth look at the facets of your life from a planetary perspective that goes far beyond the simple common Sun sign stereotypes. Find out how you astrologically mesh with a love interest! Expose the truth about how the planets are affecting you now!

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