Psychic and Tarot Readings

Blue Rose Archangel Vibration of Higher Mind

Creating Safe Space

Holding a No-Judgment, Higher Vibration Meeting Environment.

There are a vast multitude of methods for making the reading a space safe. Readers help create safe space so that there is a sense of calming the ego's lower passions which promotes seeing beyond muddled emotions, interjecting desires, and restricting thoughtforms. Readings are done with the utmost confidentiality, lack of judgment, high ethics and with intent for healing and invoking awareness.

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Topics to Explore

Discover the Universe of Divination.

In a reading, we can dive into pretty much any area of your life. Relationships, work, family and money are most common. Different readers have different techniques and preferences but most can highlight the paths and insights you want to know for your query. We can also explore spiritual interests, self-care tips, confusion lifting, stumbling blocks, unwanted personal patterns, and so so so much more.

Considering Paths

Get Help on Potential Options.

One of the most asked questions for all psychic, tarot, and other types of divination readers involves deciding between two or more paths. Every area of our lives involves choices. What will happen if I take this job or wait? What if I leave this person or invest further? What if I choose high heels or boots for the party? They sky is the limit!!!

3 Card Tarot Spread Fool Star Justice

Reading Details

What to Expect.

Readings are done by phone and are charged by length of time, rather than by number of questions asked or issues explored. Currently we offer 30 min, 60 min and 90 minute readings. If you think 90 minutes is long, you'd be surprised! Oftentimes we get so immersed in the reading that even 2 hour readings fly by.

How to Prepare.

Many people seek out readings because they already have a specific situation they need insight on. If you are one of these persons, it is a good idea to prepare questions for one or two, or even five or six extra potential situations you may need help on. We may not get to all your inqueries but at least we can easily fill the time. If you don't have a specific question, that's ok! We can take an overall look at the general areas of your life, such as love, family, money, etc..

Learn more about reader Mayah Starlily.

Heritage Tree Shadow Exploration

Exploring Your Shadow

Unraveling Unwanted Patterns, Blocks and Habits.

Psychic and tarot readings are amazing at uncovering the hidden. What is that which I cannot see yet seems to influence my Self in ways I do not want? It is of human nature to be sometimes burdened with behavioral blueprints that may not serve our higher interests. Often times, it only takes direct confrontation with these hidden elements in order to release the block. A psychic reader can work with you on uncovering those things of which you are not seeing which ails you.

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Random Algorithmic Card Pull

One of the key fundamentals about why tarot readings work so well, is because of the Law of Sychronicity. For ages philosophers around the world have waxed dissertation upon their thoughts of synchronicity and how it inspires insight and awakening. Can an algorithm truly produce randomness? Well hey, why not have a little fun :)

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Explore Astrology Readings

Discover how the planets and stars were aligned when you were born. Take an indepth look at the facets of your life from a planetary perspective that goes far beyond the simple common Sun sign stereotypes. Find out how you astrologically mash with a love interest! Expose the truth about how the planets are affecting you now!

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